This is the fourth time we've organise this swim, and it's still just as exciting as it was in the first year. At a minimum of 2.4km (the tide can make it further), crossing the Sound of Mull will take most swimmers around 1 hour and 15 minutes. Swimmers take the ferry across to Fishnish and then swim back to the Morvern shore. In the past, we've even made the Oban Times (you read the article here).



The distance for this swim is approximately 2.4 Km, although the tide can make it longer. After going on the ferry to Fishnish, the aim is to swim back to the Morven shore. The tide may push you down the peninsula – DO NOT fight it and just keep trying to swim to the finish point at Lochaline. If you hit the shore away from the finishing point, a rib will pick you up. Just remember, if you hit the shore you will have succeeded the crossing!

Please note that, for safety reasons, there are limited spaces availabe for this swim. If you want to book a place, register as soon as possible.

The swim is planned to start at 10.45am. As these are tidal waters, it is critical to be ready to start the swim promptly. However, as exact times for slack water vary according to weather conditions, we will be swimming anytime between plus or minus 30 minutes from the announced time. Final details will be emailed to those who register for the swim.

In addition, for safety reasons, this year we are asking that swimmers be able to do at least 30 minutes per km, which means this may not be suitable for beginners or slow swimmers. For the safety of all swimmers, those that fail to reach this point within the allocated time may be pulled out of the water.

After registration, you need to be prepared for a 10 minute walk from the Lochaline hotel car park back to the ferry car park. If you miss the ferry, you will not be able to do the swim as the following ferry will be too late. Unfortunately Calmac cannot waiver ferry fee this time and you will need to pay for the ticket - please pay when you register for the swim, and a team member will purchase all the tickets.

There is no minimum age, but swimmers under 16 need a parent present. The parent does not need to do the swim, but must be present throughout the event.

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