SUNDAY, 19 JULY 2020

For the past two years, we were invited by the Lochaline Gala Week committee to organise a short swim during their week celebrations in the summer. It has been such a success with locals and visitors alike that we're doing it again for the third time. This is an ideal swim for absolute beginners as a gentle introduction to open water swimming. And the fact that it's located in a beautiful setting certainly helps enjoy the day.


At just 900m, this is a perfect start swim for a beginners or just somebody curious about open water swimming. In fact, this is a perfect event for the entire family, as there will be a host of other activities part of the Lochaline Gala Week celebrations. After registration, swimmers will be transported by boat across to a start position near the Ardtornish net station, and the swim back to Lochaline Marina.

There is no minimum age, but swimmers under 16 must have a parent present. The parent does not have to do the swim, but needs to be present throughout the event. We also welcome swimmers with disabilities - please contact Alex on alex@highlandopenwaterswim.com



All registrations for swims must be done online. Usually, registrations close one week before each swim, but we may have to close sooner for popular events. If you would like a reminder, simply join our mailing list and we'll send you an email a few days before the deadline.


As a charity, we try to keep our registrations fees as low as possible to ensure everybody can attend our events. This year, our registration fee will be £10 for this swim, which will be automatically added to your total when you register. If you register for more than one swim, you will have £10 added to the total for each swim you want to do.

This money covers for all our expenses during the year, including public liability insurance, fuel for the boat and the maintenance of this website. Volunteers and trustees do not get paid anything. Please watch the video to find out where your money goes.


After 3 years of raising money towards Children with Cancer UK, this is the second year we support The Brain Tumour Charity. This has become a charity close to our hearts, as Ally Connolly, one of our trustees, is currently fighting a brain tumour.

The Brain Tumour Charity is the world’s leading brain tumour charity and the largest dedicated funder of research into brain tumours globally. Committed to saving and improving lives, they’re moving further, faster to help every single person affected by a brain tumour. Their aim is to find new treatments, offering the highest level of support and driving urgent change. Why not find out more about what they do?



For every event, we have an exceptional safety team accompanying the swimmers throughout the swim. This will include several kayaks and at least one safety boat with dry robes on board in case swimmers need to be pulled out of the water. In addition, we have a defibrillator ready to use and, whenever possible, the support of a local nurse.


All these details, as well as any risks particular to this swim will be highlighted during the safety brief held about 20 minutes before the start of the swim. It's important that all swimmers make time to listen to the brief. You can read more about possible risks and what we do to minimise them here


We believe tow-floats help our safety team follow swimmers in the water, improving visibility to others and support should swimmers need to rest or require assistance. This means all participants need to have a tow-float. It can pink, if you want! In addition, it can be a place to carry some of your personal belongings, as some tow-floats include a small dry area.


Participants can swim in a wetsuit or in skins. It's up to each individual swimmer to decide how they want to do the swim. At registration, we ask if you're wearing a wetsuit or swimming in skins just to know numbers and assess any changes we may need to do to our cover to ensure the safety of all swimmers.


To help you warm-up after the swim, we have a delicious choice of homemade soups, as well as tea/coffees. Soups are usually vegetarian, but ask before you chose. Don't be in a rush to leave, and stay for a bowl of soup and a chat - we also run a raffle after the swim, so you may find you even win a prize. Prizes include swimming equipment, or Highland Open Water Swim stuff from our shop. Don't forget to ask for your raffle tickets!


After the Corran ferry, turn right and follow the A861 for about 12 miles until Strontian. Before you enter the village, take a left turn on the A844 to Lochaline and follow the road for about 18 miles. When you get to Lochaline, turn as if you were going for the ferry, but instead of going down to the pier, follow the road in front of the Lochaline Social Club.

To get to the parking area, drive approximately 100m past the Club and you can find spaces on your right. Please park considerately as this is access for the Lochaline Marina. DO NOT Park on Calmac slipway. If in doubt, please ask and you will be directed to a parking area.After parking you will need to walk past the Lochaline sand mine to the Marina. Registration point will be located near Lochaline Marina building.


We welcome swimmers with disabilities. Feel free to talk to us about your needs – contact Alex at alex@highlandopnewaterswim.com prior to registration and we will accommodate you based on your needs. Please , if you have any concerns about your ability to take part in this event seek doctor’s advice before taking part and declare anything which our safety would need to be aware.


From kayakers to soup-makers, our events are run by a (very!) small army of dedicated volunteers, who offer their time and expertise to keep everybody safe and happy during the swim. We are always looking for help, and if you would like to join the team (even if it's for just one event), please contact Alex at alex@highlandopenwaterswim.com Volunteers receive no payment, but can get as many cups of coffee as they want! We are grateful for any help, as these events would not happen without your support.


If you still have any questions, please contact Alex on alex@highlandopnewaterswim.com and we'll reply as soon as we can. You can also keep in touch via our Facebook page or sign up for our mailing list.


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