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1What swims do you organise?
We have different swim events every year, ranging from swims suitable for begginers to more challenging events. You can find out more at OUR SWIMS or follow us on Facebook to find out the latest news.
2Do you have membership fees?
No, we don't have membership fees. We charge £5 per swim simply to cover our costs, and then ask for a donation towards charity. This years we're supporting Children with Cancer UK.
3How do you register?
You can < href="/register>register online. After filling in with your personal details and what swims you want to do, you’ll be re-directed to our donations page. In addition to our £5 registration fee for each swim, we ask for a small donation towards Children with Cancer UK.
4What happens when you register?
You should receive a confirmation email immediately following your registration. Then, a few days before the swim, we’ll send you detailed joining instructions, including where to park and what safety cover is available.
5Do I have to use a safety buoy?
Yes. Due to the high number of participants in some of the swims, we kindly request that you use a safety buoy at all times. These devices are ideal to increase visibility during the swim, and allow our safety team to follow each swimmer individually.
6What safety cover do you offer?
Our safety cover typically includes a safety boat and a team of kayakers closely following the swimmers. However, each swim is different and the level of safety cover may differ. You will be informed before the swim what is the cover available.
7What happens after the swim?
We always provide a bowl of soup and a hot drink to every swimmer after each swim. We also find it’s a good way to get to know participants and possibly discover new spots to go for a dip!

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